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First Visit


To save you time during your first visit, please:

     1. Download the new patient forms by clicking here: New Patient Packet.

     2. Print and fill out the forms at your convenience.

     3. Bring the new forms on your first visit. For your privacy protection, please do NOT

         email the forms to our offices.




Colonoscopy Instructions


If you have scheduled for a colonoscopy, you can download the instructions by clicking here: Colonoscopy Instructions. Please check with our office for your information  packet and more instructions about your procedure.


Post-Surgical Instructions


Please download by clicking the appropriate post-surgical instructions if you had surgery.


    ¨ Fissurectomy or Sphincterotomy


    ¨ Fulguration of Condyloma Transanal Excision of Lesions


    ¨ Hemorrhoidectomy


    ¨ I&D Abscess


    ¨ I&D Anal Fistula


    ¨ Transanal Excision of Mass_Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery


    ¨ Website Referral Letter - Dr.  Ky

All forms are in PDF Adobe® Reader®  format. You can get a free copy from Adobe®:  Click Here